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Is a multidisciplinary practice based on the principles of learning from and working with nature, to create more sustainable ways of living,and in which biological and biomimetic processes replaces the old methods of creating materials from extracting raw materials from oil, and other natural resources through linear techniques, towards a circular and renewable practice, as a means to incorporate the inherent life-conducive principles of biological living systems into design processes and to transition into a more holistic, sustainable future.  

Gold Liquid

Our mission

  • Through exploring the interface of bio-informed design strategies as a driver for sustainable innovation, we challenge established craft and manufacturing paradigms to propose innovative, sustainable materials and forms of production for the future to reduce the environmental impact.

  • Explore bio-informed design strategies as a driver for sustainable innovation, to articulate alternative and innovative design propositions for the emerging bio-circular economy.

  • Redefine the use of energy, water, air, waste and materials.

  • learn to design and create with self-replicating dynamic living properties. Instead of designing out life, design with it and for it.

  • Incorporate life-conducive values in the design /creative process towards biocompatible solutions with surrounding ecosystems.

  • Our transdisciplinary approach of collaboration lead us to find multyple ways & solutions to change the way we design and create in the future towards a more clean, honest and circular practice.

  • The intellectual & creative exchange, is essential for us to interplay and build a common language between science oriented minds and creatives in order to innovate, develop and improve multiple products and a range of different applications and benefits, that can revolution the material industry.

  • Contribute to build a circular, Bio-technological and innovative material industry.

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 I believe that Biology is the best manufacturing technology on the planet, and hope that biological and biomimetic processes will replace the old method of creating materials from extracting raw materials from oil, from animals and plants through linear practices towards the new generation of renewable.We want to bring onto the market new materials created from the protein up using the molecular building blocks of nature.Such as Bio-engineered protein, bacteria ,biowaste, fungus, algae , etc.

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