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Updated: May 19, 2021

Nature is the most intelligent & best manufacturing technology on the planet after 3.8 Billions of years of evolution, nature knows what it works, what is appropriate and what lasts. Taking nature as a model or mimicing nature we can learn and know better how to use our resources circularly and respectfully to built a better future.

For example , brewed protein materials such as Spider silk, are 100% nature based biopolymers, they are Biobased and biodegradable, and are designed to be renewable and to not create or break down into the environmentally-damaging microplastics. The microbial fermentation technology used in brewed protein production can avoid ethical issues and reduce greenhouse gas emissions , the usage of water and also no arable land is necessary, when compared to animal fibers.

With this combination of resource efficiency, adaptability, environmentally responsible design, economically competitive and circular for a more sustainable future.

In adition, this fibers have a combination of strength and elasticity that meand durability, but at the same time they are ultralight , This all comes with high skin sensation behaviour, controlled moisture management and 100% biodegradability.

It can be processed into a variety of forms, with examples ranging from delicate filament fibers with a silky sheen to spun yarns that boast features such as cashmere-like softness or the renowned thermal and moisture-wicking properties of wool.

Also brewed protein uses 500 times less water on its production, compared with the classical silk production method, avoiding also the enormous surfaces of soil (that both should be to use for for food and drinking water.

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