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Mycelium is the network of thread-like cells that make up fungi. It’s made up of billions of tiny branching cells, which form a 3D micro-scale mesh structure. It holds the forest floor together and acts as nature’s recycling system by releasing enzymes that break down natural materials and release nutrients into the soil.

Mycelium (fungi) is used on a broad range of industries from design, industrial, architecture , product , packaging, accessories, etc. Mycelium is a great material to replace leather as well as to replace the very toxic leather tanning method and textile dyes. Is used as a great sustainable construction material, and many other products.

Unlike making leather, the process of making Mycelium doesn’t involve raising livestock, or any of the associated greenhouse gases or toxic chemical processes.

  • Is made using circular inputs, minimizing its environmental impact.

  • It is remarkably leather-like, but no animals are used in making it.

  • Grows in a matter of weeks, compared to animal hides which take years to grow.

  • It is designed to be as sustainable as it can be and economically competitive at every stage of its lifecycle.

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