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My name is Aline , I'am a former fashion & textile designer, and lover of nature and materials. I been working as a designer since 2004 in the luxury fashion industry through the whole creative process.

In 2011 I founded Aline Ochoa, a Couture house with the aim of creating unique timeless pieces for every women, made with conscious natural materials and local handcraft.

I always been looking for innovations, specially on renewable materials, that we can find in our surrounding nature. Creative innovation and circularity are very important for me and therefore, I seek for the best solutions on renewable and bio-based materials.

Dicovering BIODesign as a multidisciplinary way of creating, opened me a new perspective about working and learning from and for nature, to create more sustainable ways of living.
Driven by my seek for a better future, I found through Biodesign, the fascinating world of Biomaterials and all the new possibilities that nature can offer us if we move towards a circular practice.

Therefore, I decided to focus more on the state of the Art of Bio materials, as they are my media of expression. But working with bio materials on a rather artistic than a commercial approach. 

So the idea of the Biodesign hub was born and aims to be a multidisciplinary,  creative  & research platform that connects Design Art & Science to create , experiment & evolve on the fabrication of renewable materials to design our ideas.


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