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Pink Salt


"Nature runs on Sunlight

Nature uses only the energy it needs

Nature fits form to function

Nature recycles everything

Nature rewards cooperation

Nature banks on diversity

Nature demands local expertise

Nature curbs excesses from within

Nature taps the power of limits"

Janine Benyus​

Calm Lake
Calm Lake

Our Goal

  • Foster innovations that enable bio-based material value chains to become more resource efficient, circular, and reduce their carbon, greenhouse gas and water footprint, in line with climate, energy and sustainable development goals.

  • Prevent and significantly reduce plastic microfibre pollution.

  • Improve the efficiency and technological performance of bio-based textiles.

  • Deliver results in a form that allows for efficient feedback into policymaking in research, innovation and technology.

  • Demonstrate solutions and develop strategies for the circular innovation of the whole innovative bio-based material system, building on a shared vision and enhancing cooperation.

  • Raise awareness and create a better framework for systemic innovation and uptake of results through broad engagement.

Our challenges

  • Through exploring the interface of bio-informed design strategies as a driver for sustainable innovation, we challenge established craft and manufacturing paradigms to propose innovative, sustainable materials and forms of production for the future to reduce the environmental impact. Through this work, we believe we will redefine the use of energy, water, air, waste and materials.

  • We emphasize on the importance of the intellectual exchange, building a common language through transdisciplinary practices, to create the bridge where we will change the way we design and create in the future.

  • Collaborate with living systems through Biomimicry principles, biological design systems, circular design, bio-fabrication techniques, to prototype new sustainable materials.

  • Incorporate life-conducive values in the design process towards biocompatible solutions with surrounding ecosystems.

  • Engineer biological systems in order to tackle contemporary challenges, such as urban resilience, human and environmental health.

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